RIDER’s MEETING NOTES - C.T.M.P - CSBK with Pro6 Cycle VIP Day for August 15-16, 2020

1.Please Respect & Follow all Health and Safety Guidelines -wear a mask at all times in Hot Pit and do your best to properly disinfect or clean your hands as often as possible.

Competitors and crew who do not follow these guidelines will lose their event Hot Pit access.

2.Busy Schedule – please pay attention and be ready – try to remain in Hot Pit as much as possible

3.Be ready for your 5-minute horn to warn of the start of your on-track session; the horn might sound at the end of the previous session.

4.It is acceptable to share space on Hot Pit – please remember space is limited so do not take up more room than 10 x 10 per team on Hot Pit

5.START LIGHTS will be demonstrated in Hot Pit Lane at 8:15 AM both days – please respect Social Distancing and wear your mask to this Meeting 

6.JUMP STARTS – please clearly self-penalize if there is a chance you have jumped your start; if not, you will receive a signal board with your number and then a time penalty with your result

7.Please be respectful of Track Day participants – they are entitled to their time too

8.Hot Pit Speed - once you have left circuit slow to WALKING SPEED – be careful 

9.RED FLAG – come in safely and slowly – be prepared to stop on track if problem is serious

10.On Track Problems - If you need to stop on track – please stop at Marshal Station so that we can deal with issue and gather everyone up ASAP – remember C.T.M.P. has many blind sections!

11.Pit Out - When joining the track, stay well to the right all the way to the top of the Turn 2 hill

12.Pit In - When deciding to Pit, signal at the top of the back straight and get well off-line, to Rider’s Right, in Turn Nine

13.Turn Nine Limits - There is a single Cone prior to the Pit Entrance painted entry – if you are on the right side of that cone, you have left the race surface and must pull into the Hot Pit

14.If you have an issue of any kind get off-line and get hand up – no cruising please, especially during Qualifying! “Cruisers” or “Tourers” will be penalized.

15.Overall Track Limits - If you leave the Track proper and use the paved verge, slow and behave as if you are off-track; yield to traffic and do not gain an advantage as you return to the surface proper.

16.Back Straight Track Limits - Do not drive off the main, just-repaved surface on the back straight – stay out of the right side drainage area

17.No Weaving – you are permitted to pull out, pass, pick your new line and no more

18.Crash and Continue – check bike with care, re-enter safely, watch for flags at Start/Finish

19.Finish Line – starter Chris Chapelle will wave the chequered flag at the exact location of the Finish Line

20.Practice Starts – as previous, practice starts are permitted only after the chequered flag in each practice or Q session, on the exit of Turn Five, on Rider’s Left exiting Moss Turn – please check both ways and wait your turn.

21.Transponders – please make sure yours is charged and checked – you will be immediately Black Flagged if your Transponder is not mounted/working - if you have to switch bikes, be sure to inform Pit Lane staff and switch your Transmitter – please return borrowed transmitters by end of day

22.Please check early session results to be sure your data is listed and correct

23.The standard two types of Spec Fuel are available at the BCR rig and required for all CSBK classes; This fuel is marked and must be purchased at the track

24.Dynojet Dyno is available for quick testing and enforcement during the event

25.We will run Rain or Shine with no delays – check in with Pro6 with your rain tire requirements

26.Please check with Starter and/or Control if you have issues/Qs with race procedures or flags

27.There will not be roll-outs for any class – racers will leave hot pits as a group for one warm-up lap – please know your grid spot and do not delay on warm-up lap or grid

28.Post race interviews will be conducted at the Podium at the end of the day – please have crew bring stands with bike to Podium inside Turn One