FACT SHEET – CSBK Invitational with Pro6 Track Day at Calabogie, ON, Saturday, July 25

Sunday, July 5, 2020 


One Day Pro6 track Day and CSBK National Event at Calabogie Motorsport Park.

All standard, established Government COVID19 guidelines will be in-place via host Pro6 and the venue.


Pre-Entry is required.  Pre-Entry is available through the Pro6 Track Day on-line system starting Monday, July 6 and ends, without exception, on Saturday, July 18.  For assistance please contract Sheena – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Each team can pre-register a racer and a maximum of 4 other team members, with no children permitted as per venue standards during Coronavirus. 

No Crew or Family members under the age of 18 are permitted except as waived and registered participants as per csbk National guidelines.

 All entries will be reviewed to ensure the minimum of issues on the day at Calabogie, including age restrictions and race school participation.

Please review CSBK competitor eligibility guidelines on the csbk web site, and for specific updates email Carol Mathison – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Entry Fee for Pro Superbike, with two races, will be $ 400. including one racer and one crew admission.

Entry Fee for Pro Sport Bike will be $ 250, with $ 150 additional fee to entry Pro Superbike races.

Entry Fee for Amateur Superbike and Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike, one race each, will be $ 250.

Each competitor will be required to purchase an annual CSBK membership at the discount price of $ 20.


CSBK competitors can begin parking at the venue at 2 PM, on Friday, July 24, ending for the evening at 9 PM.  The gate re-opens on Saturday at 7 AM.  Competitors will be met at the gate and led to their specific parking spot by designated pro6 Cycle Parking staff.  Footprints need to be small due to Physical Distancing requirements.

Please remember that this is not a spectator event – only CSBK staff, National racers and crew and Pro6 Track Day riders will be permitted on site, with extremely limited Media.  Early access to the paddock is not permitted due to other scheduled events. Footprints need to be small due to Physical Distancing requirements.

All pre-registered team crew, family and staff will be required to be at the venue no later than 9am on the day of the event – Saturday, July 25. No access to the venue will be granted after that time.

CSBK Competitors will be parked in such a way to ensure ease of facility exit during the ongoing track day events with Pro6 at Calabogie as well as with respect to current Ontario Government and CMP facility Social distancing guidelines.  CSBK competitors will be required to work from one 10x10 ft Canopy on Hot Pit Lane – no major set up with signage will be permitted in the paddock. 

Paddock updates and information will be available at 88.9 on your radio dial.


Tech will be performed at the CSBK Tech Trailer on the west side of the main, upper paddock, near the Podium, by CSBK staff.   

The Official Dynojet Dyno will be on hand and spec fuel will be required/available via Brooklin Cycle Racing as in previous events. 

The sound limit will be same as at all Pro6 Track Days at Calabogie – 98 dBs, with no overages beyond 100 dbs.  If you have not participated in an event at Calabogie, please check in and ensure your machine meets these standard guidelines.

All team staff are required to wear face masks at all times while in Hot Pit Lane.


The CSBK National sessions and races will run rain or shine, with a minimum of delays due to the tight time frame available working within the one-day format.

Provisional Calabogie CSBK Schedule for Saturday, July 25:

Rider’s Meeting will be handled by On-Line Document

Rider Questions sessions with Social Distancing:

8:15AM Lightweight Sport Bike

8:25PROs – all

8:35AM Superbike

Note -an outline of questions from the Rider’s Meeting will be made available to CSBK racers.  

(Pro6 Track Day Sessions not listed)

9 AMAmateur Lightweight Sport Bike – 15 minutes

10 AMPro Superbike Feature/Pro Sport Bike  – 15 minutes

11 AMAmateur Superbike – 15 minutes

Noon Pro Superbike Qualifying – 20 minutes – no points awarded for Qualifying position

1:15 PMLiqui Moly Pro Sport Bike Qualifying – 20 minutes – no points awarded for Q position

1:45 PMAmateur Lightweight Sport Bike Qualifying – 20 minutes

2:10 PMPro Superbike Feature National Race One – 12 Laps – Pre-Grid in Hot Pit Lane; No Roll Out;  Interviews in Hot Pit post race

2:45 PMAmateur Superbike Qualifying – 20 minutes

4:45 PMNational Races

Liqui Moly Pro Sport Bike – 10 Laps – pre-grid in Hot Pit Lane

Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike National Race – 8 Laps

Pro Superbike Feature National Race Two – 12 Laps – Pre-Grid in Hot Pit Lane; No Roll Out;  Interviews in Hot Pit post race

Amateur Superbike National Race – 10 Laps



Trophies for the top three in each race, provided by Jamie Bruines and Propulsion Racing Suspension.

Prize Fund per Class:

Pro Superbike Feature - $ 4,000 total per race – two races

1st - $ 1,200; 2 - $ 1,000; 3 - $ 700; 4- $ 500; 5 - $ 300;  6 - $ 200  

Pro Sport Bike - $ 1,400

1st - $ 500; 2- $ 350; 3 - $ 200; 4 - $ 150. 5- $ 125. 6- $ 75.

Amateur Superbike - $ 1,400

1st - $ 500; 2- $ 350; 3 - $ 200; 4 - $ 150; 5 - $ 125 6 - $ 75. 

Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike - $ 750  

1st - $ 250; 2 - $ 200; 3- 150; 4- $ 100; 5 - $ 50