Team News: Trevor Daley previews CSBK season opener

With the Mopar Canadian Superbike (CSBK) season set to commence this coming weekend at Shannonville Motorsport Park, rider Trevor Daley and builder Scott Miller of the Fast Company Suzuki GSX-R1000 backed by Parts Canada team took time to offer a few thoughts in the calm before the storm.

Scott Miller:

Scott, when were you first aware of Trevor?

“I saw him at Shannonville, might have been 2012. He was under the grandstand, working out of a van, his leathers half-off, tearing a bike apart. I was impressed with how hard he worked. And he was quick on the track, too. But it was last year we finally met. He asked me to build him an engine.”

What compelled you to team with Trevor for 2019? What is it about him that made you dive in?

“His determination. He reminds me of Steve Crevier that way. Steve could be in second place, 10 seconds behind the leader with no chance of catching him, but he pushed as hard as he could right to the end. I love that. I see that same thing in Trevor. Guys like that are a dying breed.”

Scott, you’ve won titles with the best riders in the country. Trevor is a dark horse. What are your expectations for the coming season?

“I’ve never liked jumping on a winning team. I love being an underdog. But having said that, if I didn’t think we had a sniff at winning I wouldn’t be interested. All you can do is prepare the gear the best you can and hope lady luck is on your side. And you need to maximize points. If a fourth is the best we can get that day, then we’ll take it. We need to finish races.”

Trevor Daley:

Trevor, I thought you were done with racing?

“At the end of 2016 I sold everything but the truck. Not winning became frustrating. But prior to last season I bought a well-travelled superbike, put it in the back of my pickup, and went to Shannonville. I had fun, finished fourth, and did the rest of the season. And here I am.”

You’ve had injuries. Since last season you’ve had knee surgery and two wrist surgeries. How are you feeling?

“I’m not 100 percent, but by no means is my health a limiting factor. I’ve been working with a personal trainer to push my limits to a new level.”


You’ve tested the Fast Company GSX-R1000 in the pre-season. Could you feel your improved fitness on the motorcycle?

“I felt on top of the bike. Relaxed and able to feel what it was doing. That’s fitness. I hadn’t ridden a superbike in seven months but it felt like I’d ridden the day before.”

How was the Gixxer?

“Amazing. Really smooth power delivery. And a lot of power over a lot of rpm range. On the test day we moved footpegs and clip-ons. Small stuff to get me comfortable on the bike. There wasn’t any drama.”

And what about Scott Miller?

“We’ve been working together for six months getting ready. We’ve been having fun. Our commitment is there. Our drive is there. Nothing has been just ‘good enough.’ We’re trying to get the best out of our gear. We understand each other because we both run motorcycle shops. Our lives are motorcycles. He’s all in. I respect that.”

Goals for the season?

“A number 1 plate. But a lot of good guys have the same goal. But I think a title isn’t out of the question. Jordan [Szoke, defending champion] is on new gear, too. It may open up an opportunity.”

Final question. You’re in a race. You’re following Szoke. It’s the last lap. There’s six inches of track on the inside of the final corner. Do you take second or go for the win?

“The answer is obvious.”


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