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Mees wins Las Vegas Superprestigio

FT Champ Mees Handles the Road Racers at Vegas Superprestigio, Canuck Lawrence Misses Cut

Jared Mees travelled to Las Vegas from Michigan, gambled and won.  In Friday’s final event in the AMA Flat Track National Championship at a new, ultra-short track at the Orleans Casino Arena, Mees scored a safe third in the Feature race and clinched his third overall Grand National crown.  

On Saturday night, November 21, on the same track, Mees worked through a crazy-busy set of Heats and Semi races to be one of four Flat Trackers to start the main event.  Mees then ran up front and eventually defeated his Flat Track peers and the top racers selected from other disciplines (“All Stars”). Mees is the first winner in the new format, Speedway-inspired, all-comers Invitational Superprestigio of the Americas presented by Yamaha.

Aboard his Las Vegas Harley-Davidson backed Honda single, Mees placed second in the 12 Lap final Q race for Flat Trackers, behind Brad Baker of Eatonville, WA, to earn one of the four spots for “his kind” in the Superprestigio race.

On the “All Stars” side, the final eight road racers to battle for a spot included:  former works Buell World Superbike competitor Larry Pegram, Yoshimura Suzuki’s Roger Lee Hayden, rising AMA Pro Joe Roberts, upstart Brit teenager Oliver Brindley, KTM mounted Spanish multi-discipline racer Fran Serra and his Endurance and Supermoto ace team mate Dani Ribalta, Australian MotoGP ace Anthony West and multi discipline young American racer Aaron Colton.

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